Production of Leak Testers Using Variant Generators

Industrielle Dichtheitsprüfung und Durchflussprüfung

Recognition of Innovation

CETA Testsysteme GmbH, a prominent player in the manufacturing industry, stands as a finalist for the esteemed ife-Award 2021 “Innovationspreis Losgröße 1+” (Innovation Award Lot Size 1+). The ife network, dedicated to supporting single manufacturer companies, has acknowledged CETA Testsysteme GmbH for their groundbreaking work in the field. Particularly, their implementation of variant generators for the process-reliable production of application-specific test devices has garnered significant acclaim.

Critical Role of Leak Testers

Leak testers play a crucial role in industrial production lines, particularly for 100% inline leak testing as part of quality assurance protocols. CETA’s clientele spans various sectors including automotive, medical technology, heating and air conditioning, fittings and household appliances, packaging, and e-mobility. These industries rely on leak testers to ensure product quality, including tightness, in their manufacturing processes.

Global Impact

Globally, thousands of CETA test devices are integrated into production lines, where tens of thousands to millions of products are manufactured and tested annually. Given the high demand and diverse applications, these test devices must exhibit robustness and reliability.

Customization and Design

Customization is key in the production of these test devices. Following a comprehensive consultation to understand the technical requirements and functionalities needed, each test device is meticulously designed to suit its intended application. Due to the sheer number of potential variants, pre-production is not feasible. Instead, CETA employs a variant generator system to streamline the process.

Variant Generator Implementation

The variant generator operates based on ten main features, each with between two and eleven options. While theoretically, this could result in over 400,000 combinations, not all are viable. Therefore, a set of rules, considering deliverable properties and technical specifications, was devised to ensure only feasible combinations are generated.

Integration into ERP System

Integrated into the SAP Business One ERP system, the variant generator oversees various aspects of the commercial and production processes. This includes pricing, dynamic quotation creation, production order generation, material reservation, and debiting. Additionally, it facilitates the creation of the technical configuration file, which serves as firmware for the test device. Crucially, this digitalization enables efficient material planning and traceability, especially for components with tracked serial numbers.

Benefits and Efficiency

The benefits of the variant generator are manifold. It accelerates quotation generation, simplifies user workflows, and reduces errors. Moreover, similar generators are employed for other types of CETA test devices, such as mass flow testers and volumetric flow testers. Ultimately, the variant generator ensures the precise selection and production of the appropriate test device configuration, even in lot sizes as small as one unit.

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